Basic Computer

Teacher Name : Harun Rashid

Total Class 16 - 20
Years Old 08 - 15
Class Duration: 2 Hours


Computer basics refer to the bare-bones knowledge needed to properly operate – and interact with – a computer. This ranges from knowing the different parts of the computer to understanding how to use said parts to achieve a specific outcome. Computer basics are the foundation of computer literacy. Knowledge of the basics plus and correct application will lead to more extensive uses and processes later on. In this article, we’re going to cover four basic computer skills for kids: input (how to use the mouse and keyboard), production (proper software and application usage), information gathering/research (how to use the internet safely and productively), and coding.

What you will learn from this course?

Kids learn Basic Computer skills to navigate our tech-driven world, fostering digital literacy, problem-solving, and unlocking creative potential for future success. Early exposure to computing cultivates curiosity and lays a crucial foundation for academic and career opportunities.

Modules :

Introduction to the computer as a magical device. Basic components: CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse.Understanding input and output. Introduction to the keyboard and mouse. Interactive activity: Fun typing games and mouse exercises. Interactive activity: Drawing and labeling a computer. Basic Software and Application Skills