Web Design

Teacher Name : SB Sizan

Position : Web Designer & Digital Marketing Executive
Total Class 16 - 20
Years Old 08 - 15
Class Duration 2 hours


This module aims to introduce kids to the exciting world of web design, empowering them to create their own web pages. Through interactive lessons and hands-on activities, children will explore the basics of HTML and CSS, fostering creativity and digital literacy in the process.

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Modules :

Introduction to the internet and basic web concepts. Overview of design tools and software.Interactive activity: Brainstorming ideas for personal web projects. Understanding HTML tags and structure Creating a simple HTML webpage. Interactive activity: Designing a digital "About Me" page. Introduction to CSS and its role in web design Interactive activity: Personalizing the look of a webpage with CSS Creating hyperlinks and navigation menus. ncorporating images and understanding file formats Introduction to responsive design principles.

Note: This module is designed to provide a hands-on and interactive introduction to web design, encouraging kids to express their creativity and gain foundational skills in creating their own web pages.