Interactive Python for Kids

Teacher Name : Faruk Ahamed

Position : Web Developer
Total Class 16 - 20
Years Old 08 - 15
Class Duration 2 hours


This module introduces kids to the captivating world of programming through Interactive Python, fostering curiosity, problem-solving, and the joy of coding. The course empowers young minds to explore Python's fundamentals and create interactive projects.

Embark on a Coding Adventure: Interactive Python for Kids Delivers Fun with Every Line of Code!

Step into the world of coding fun with Interactive Python for Kids! Imagine a magical playground where you can make your computer do awesome things with just a few lines of code. From creating cool games to telling digital stories, Interactive Python turns you into a coding wizard. Get ready for an adventure where every click and code brings your imagination to life! 🚀💻🌈

Modules :

Python Magic Unveiled Introduction to Python and its simplicity.Basic syntax and print statements. Interactive activity: Writing and running the first Python program. Discovering Variables and Data Types Understanding variables and their role. Exploring different data types (integers, strings, and booleans). Interactive activity: Creating a personalized digital nametag. Looping into Loops Introduction to loops and their significance.