Graphic Design

Teacher Name : Rauful islam

Position : Graphic Designer
Total Class 16 - 20
Years Old 08 - 15
Class Duration 2 hours


This module aims to introduce kids to the exciting realm of graphic design, cultivating their creativity, visual communication skills, and digital artistry. Through hands-on projects and interactive learning, children will explore the fundamentals of design, color theory, and digital tools to unleash their artistic potential.

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Modules :

Introduction to graphic design and its applications. Overview of design tools and software.Interactive activity: Creating a personalized digital avatar. Understanding the psychology of colors. Exploring color palettes and combinations Interactive activity: Designing a vibrant digital poster. Basics of design elements: shapes and lines. Creating visual balance and harmony. Introduction to fonts and typography Computers or laptops with graphic design software installed. Participation and engagement in design activities.

Note: This module is designed to provide a hands-on and interactive introduction to graphic design, inspiring kids to express their creativity and develop an appreciation for the visual arts.